social justice

Despite endless political urgings for people to pull together, depression and anxiety are rampant (Go Nakamura/Getty Images)

Capitalism’s connection to our ever-worsening mental health

Andray Domise: Despite headlines constantly blaring that our standard of living is ever increasing, social stressors gnaw away at the foundations of our collective psyche

The left must stand against capitalism. Now.

Andray Domise: People who hold left-leaning ideals have to quit kidding themselves by believing that capitalism exists as a benevolent or even neutral social arrangement
An empty prison corridor

Jailing sexual assault victims shows we must rethink sexual violence

Anne Kingston: The inhumane treatment of assault victims shows the insidious ways that social class and status intersect with sexual violence
Harry Potter

Harry Potter casts spell on Canadian campuses

Students connect through Potter clubs and classes
June Larkin

This equity professor pushes community outreach

June Larkin earns 3M National Teaching Fellowship

Why are schools brainwashing our children?

Protesting oil pipelines, celebrating polygamy: is the new ’social justice’ agenda in class pushing politics at the expense of learning?
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OPIRG fee voted down by Queen’s students

Campus conservatives celebrate