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Total solar eclipse 2019: Watch live video here

The first total solar eclipse since 2017 will take place over parts of South America
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Peeking at the eclipse has me seeing spots. Now what?

Optometrists were deluged with calls from Canadians who just couldn’t stop themselves. Lucky for them, it’s hard to look at the sun.
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The 2017 solar eclipse entranced Canadians across the country

On Aug. 21, Canadians took a break from work, channelled their inner astronomy nerd and watched a partial solar eclipse. Here’s how people in Toronto reacted.

Awe and humility in the face of the eclipse

The alignment of celestial bodies drew cries from a crowd in a Vancouver park. One woman projected it through her colander.
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Donald Trump on what really caused the solar eclipse

North Korea? A James Bond villain? Scott Feschuk channels the U.S. President in theorizing about Monday’s mysterious sun-blocker.

Canada’s last solar eclipse in 1979: From the archives

Ahead of the last solar eclipse in Canada, astronomer and author Terence Dickinson described the growing excitement for the event

Everything Canadians need to know about the solar eclipse, in 100 seconds

August 21, 2017 Canadians will see their first solar eclipse in decades. Here’s what you need to know about safely viewing the natural phenomenon.
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Week in Pictures: July 15th – July 22th, 2009

The best pictures from the last seven days