Stephen King

Sweet Relief Musicians Fund Presents “Strange 80s” – Show

Finn Wolfhard: A child actor caught in our cultural Upside Down

With ’Stranger Things’ and ’It’, the Vancouver teen exemplifies a modern child actor’s odd bargain: conjuring others’ childhoods, while he lives out his own
Comically thick book

Books just keep getting longer

What’s behind literary inflation? Authors get more verbose as they garner success, but prestige TV has also changed readers’ habits
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Noted: Stephen King joins Twitter

But the prolific author seems to be at loss for words
Richard D. Bach

Author Richard Bach recovers after nearly dying in a plane crash

And he finished the fourth installment of his bestselling book ’Jonathan Livingston Seagull’ to boot
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REVIEW: 11/22/63

Book by Stephen King
World’s most misguided musical returns

The world’s most misguided musical returns

The legendary 1988 flop Carrie is coming back to the stage, pig blood and all
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Newsmakers: Feuds

Etta and Beyoncé; Obama squared; geese take plane; Dunaway disses Duff