Stephen Lewis


Stephen Lewis, for the record: ’I am, truly, insufferably buoyant’

The NDP’s elder statesmen gives his ’last hurrah’ at the party’s Edmonton convention
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A clash of memorable speeches: first Notley, then Lewis

Next up at the 2016 NDP convention? Tom Mulcair
Mandela Addresses Parliament

Need to know: Nelson Mandela loved Canada

The legendary South African held former PM Brian Mulroney in high regard

5 Canadians who’ve won unique honours and awards

Where else will you find Conrad Black, Céline Dion and Stephen Lewis on one list?
Margaret Atwood

7 Canadians with more than a dozen honorary degrees

Top marks for these scientists, politicians, judge and author
Stratford Festival's celebrity power

Stratford Festival’s celebrity power

Can Stephen Lewis, Colin Mochrie and Tommy guitar school reboot the indebted festival?
Layton Tribute

Jack Layton tribute in Toronto

The square in front of Toronto’s city hall was packed for Dear Jack, a tribute to the late NDP leader
The long goodbye

The long goodbye to Jack Layton

The charismatic NDP leader’s sudden death unleashed six days of unprecedented mourning

Stephen Lewis’ eulogy

The prepared text of Stephen Lewis’ eulogy for Jack Layton.