Stephen Poloz

Stephen Poloz. (Photograph by Jessica Deeks)

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The former Bank of Canada governor talks with Marie-Danielle Smith about his new book, the politics of inflation, and how a near-death experience changed his outlook on life

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The governor of the Bank of Canada sits down for a candid chat with one of Canada’s best political analysts. Watch it here.

In an election year, Canadians are suddenly very worried about the economy

More than half of Canadians feel the economy is in recession (it’s not) as the optimism of a year ago fades, according to Pollara’s annual economy survey

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The unemployment rate is meaningless and we should scrap it

Our editorial: The statistic used to be a good proxy for the state of the economy, but those days are gone. It’s time to revise what we measure.

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Econ-o-metric: GDP growth slows to a sustainable rate. Not too hot, not too cold. It’s just right.

Canada’s job market still shows weakness below the surface

Econo-metrics: Wage growth may finally be improving, but the Bank of Canada will need to see a lot more of that before it raises rates again

That was probably it for interest rate hikes in Canada for a while

For all the complaints that Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz has a communication problem, the Bank sent clear signals that it will probably take a break from raising rates

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When central bankers dropped interest rates during the financial crisis, finance ministers leaned too hard on household debt. That trend may finally be changing.

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Officials in the PMO reportedly aren’t happy that interest rates are rising. Bill Morneau needs to forcefully signal his confidence in the Bank of Canada, now.