substance abuse


My career as a lawyer almost destroyed me

The hustle culture of litigation led me into a spiral of mental illness and addiction
Hand holding cannabis leaf

What Canadians think about alcohol, marijuana and cigarettes

Our survey results lay bare Canadian’s vices from who’s most likely to try pot, to how often we drink.
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It’s not always about tau proteins

Colby Cosh on the slow and public decline of Paul Gascoigne

’Flight’ is fit to fly

Robert Zemeckis and Denzel Washington turn an action movie into a drama about addiction
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The end of the dry reserve?

Aboriginal communities say decades-old bans on alcohol failed to curb abuse. Not everyone agrees.
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Students aren’t getting the facts about marijuana

Research shows links to mental illness, lung capacity
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Not exactly an accurate reflection

Critics slam the Tories’ new anti-drug campaign
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No screen test available

That smoking raises the risk for throat cancer isn’t surprising. But drinking alcohol?
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Testing junior for drugs

Testing kits could help discourage children from taking the drugs in the first place