The B.C. mayor who promised to fire the RCMP

An old hand in Surrey politics has found new life in the role of populist, socially liberal, law-and-order suburban disruptor

How a pesky peacock invasion is dividing a Surrey, B.C. neighbourhood

Nature’s most beautiful bird or a car-attacking menace? Peafowl are causing conflict among residents.
A man watches on at a crime scene following a shooting in Scarborough, a suburb in east Toronto

Gun violence isn’t just a U.S. problem—and Canada isn’t immune

Opinion: Canada shouldn’t ignore its own gun-violence problems, from rising rates in our cities to inadequate government support

A rabbi walks into a gay bar: After Orlando, a pride revolution

In once-unsympathetic cities like Surrey, in churches and Orthodox synagogues, the senseless violence of Orlando has sparked a movement
Surrey has had many shootings since the beginning of 2016. (Rafferty Baker/CBC)

The fight to staunch a street war in Surrey

A hundred new RCMP officers have failed to protect Surrey from an all-too-familiar wave of gun violence. So now what?
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Surrey’s infamous dead-end road

Four of Surrey’s 10 homicide victims this year have ended up on the same isolated road
McGill law school

Lawyer calls for another new law school

We’ve heard of the rural shortage. But a suburban shortage?
Who cares about libraries

Who cares about libraries?

Canadians apparently. Far from being under siege (except in Toronto), they’re thriving—and experimenting.
Good News

This week: Good news, bad news

Hope comes to the U.S. economy, while a suicide attack devastates Russia