Syrian refugees


How Syrian refugees to Canada have fared since 2015

It hasn’t been easy, and Syrian newcomers are forced to overcome serious language and employment barriers, but early fears about how thousands of new families would cope were misplaced.

Saved, then lost once more

The Barhos dreamed of a family with lots of children and joy. When civil war broke out in Syria, they fled for the safety of Canada. They loved their new lives in Nova Scotia—until unspeakable tragedy struck.
NS Fatal Fire 20190220

A country that opened its arms to refugees is devastated by loss of seven Syrian children

Sympathies are pouring in to stricken mother Kawthar Barho after tragic Halifax fire: ’It would be hard enough to lose one child. To lose your whole family, seven children—I don’t know what she’s going to do’

Probe into Halifax fire that killed seven Syrian children under way as community mourns

Father Ebraheim Barho was badly burned while trying to rescue his kids and is fighting for his life

The Syrian conflict is coming to an ugly end. Will anyone dare return home?

The Syria that emerges from seven years of conflict will look nothing like the country it was before. For the foreseeable future, Syria will remain a broken shell of a nation.

’It’s now or never’: The untold story of the dramatic, Canadian-led rescue of Syria’s White Helmets

It started with a frantic call to Canada’s ambassador to Jordan, writes Terry Glavin. How the escape unfolded—and the wrenching truth about those left behind

This Syrian asylum seeker is trapped in an airport. Meet the Whistler, B.C. woman hell-bent on rescuing him

Laurie Cooper is a den mother of sorts to more than a dozen Syrian and Afghan refugees

I made it out. But the war in Syria is not over.

I’m a Syrian refugee who escaped to safety in Germany. I know I’m lucky. But the horrors in my homeland find themselves in my life, all the same

Three Syrian mothers share stories of starting over

Pregnant when they arrived in Canada, they describe their experiences of giving birth, settling in and the parenting customs of their new home
Still from ’69 Minutes of 86 Days’

Seeing a Syrian refugee’s journey, through a child’s eyes

Norwegian filmmaker Egil Håskjold Larsen on ’69 Minutes Of 86 Days’, a refugee documentary focussed on humanity, not horror