tax evasion

Bradley Birkenfeld

The man who blew the whistle on uber rich tax cheats: The Power of One, episode 4

Bradley Birkenfeld spent years working for a Swiss bank that helped billionaires avoid paying taxes. Then he yanked back the curtain.
Donald Trump with Fred Trump and Mayor Ed Koch

What if Donald Trump told his personal story honestly?

Opinion: Tabatha Southey rewrites ’The Art of the Deal,’ except a little more accurately—because after all, his childhood wasn’t all fun and creative accounting
Canada Revenue Agency

Ottawa claims it will reap $25 billion from tax cheats. That’s wishful thinking.

The federal revenue minister’s claim makes huge assumptions about how much money the CRA will ultimately recoup from tax evaders

Oil volatility, Swiss secrets, and a G20 meeting

Feb. 9: It’s a busy week ahead. Plus, a look at the strength of Canadian and U.S. jobs numbers.
Tax cheats have nowhere to hide

Tax cheats have nowhere to hide

High-profile leaks of private bank data raise new questions about the widespread use of offshore accounts
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Tax dodging: here’s how Canada ranks

Well... at least we’re not Cyprus
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Court: Dodging taxes isn’t ‘natural’

A B.C. couple lose its unlikely fight to make taxes optional
The Great White tax haven

The Great White tax haven

How Canada has quietly emerged as a go-to destination for the world’s ultra-rich
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An oligarch’s last stand

The case against Khodorkovsky is now widely seen as a response to his financial support of political parties that oppose the Kremlin