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Why banks are so slow to lower lending rates, but so quick to hike them

Econo-metrics: With the Bank of Canada raising interest rates, the big banks have been quick to follow suit. That never seems to happen when rates are falling.

The race to be Canada’s first $1-trillion bank

It reinforces just how massive Canada’s banks are relative to the economy

Debt levels rise for Canadians and especially seniors, report suggests

Canadian retirees might be still supporting grown children


Does Canada want a piece of the Royal Bank of Scotland?

The British media was abuzz on Tuesday after a television news crew snapped images of hedge fund manager Davide Serra on his way to a meeting at the Prime Minister’s Office holding briefing papers that appeared to suggest that Canadian banks may be interested in buying a piece of the Royal Bank of Scotland.


Moody’s puts most of Canada’s banks on downgrade notice

Adding to the growing chorus of analysts predicting a bursting of the Canadian housing bubble, ratings agency Moody’s Investor Service placed almost all of Canada’s major banks on review for a downgrade Friday, citing the country’s growing household debt levels.

MPs help battle bullying at Egale’s gay rights gala

The gay rights group Egale held their second annual gala at Toronto’s Royal York Hotel. The gala honoured TD bank CEO Ed Clark with a leadership award. The night raised money for the programs to battle homophobic and transphobic bullying in schools. Below, Tory Senator Nancy Ruth (left) and singer Carole Pope.


‘The common good against the individual good’

While the minister manages to both lament the intrusiveness of the census and encourage you to cooperate with next year’s “survey,” you can add TD Bank’s Don Drummond and the director of Toronto Public Health to the list of those who oppose the change. In addition to calling for an amendment to the Statistics Act, the Liberals want the industry committee recalled to deal with the issue.


What if it doesn’t go as planned?

Flaherty projects five years of about five per cent growth


Add another to the enemies list (II)

Michael Ignatieff selflessly beseeches the Prime Minister to spare the rest of the population and direct all anger at him.


Add another to the enemies list

Be careful what you say in public.


A Hostile Climate

A radical activist group targets RBC. This time it’s personal.


Newsmakers ’09: U-Turns

TD Bank, Tom Jones, and Harry Potter