President Trump Pardons The National Thanksgiving Turkey

Donald Trump pardons a turkey, and accused child molester Roy Moore

Allen Abel: Even for Trump this blatant endorsement of Moore, and his rebuttal of the many women who have accused the former jurist of stalking and groping them, was a thunderbolt
Thanksgiving at the market was a day-long Centennial party Saturday as patrons and farm producers tu

The odd, complicated history of Canadian Thanksgiving

Canada and America may argue over who was the first to hold a harvest festival, but both countries’ approaches to the national holiday are similar
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For Canadian Thanksgiving check out this 1930s recipe from Maclean’s

We dove into the Maclean’s Archives to pull out Thanksgiving hosting tips and recipes from eight decades ago

Talking turkey: Will Thanksgiving weekend decide the election?

John Geddes explains why dinner conversation could change everything
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What students are talking about today (October 9 edition)

Nintendo guns banned, the Turkey Dump & Hipster ads
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Recovery? You bet.

Signs point to a resurgent U.S. economy. And that’s good news for Canadians.
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Now that their dinner is really ruined . . .

You’d think it’s a good time for progressives to rethink the vote-with-my-wallet notion. The planet should be so lucky.