The Big Idea

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Give All Canadian Workers Paid Sick Leave

Canadians are working while ill to avoid losing income. Instituting country-wide sick-leave policies is a healthier option.
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The Big Idea: Neurochips will fix our brains

I invented the world’s first brain chip. It can cure epilepsy, dementia, chronic pain and addiction—if Canada is ready to invest.
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This Ontario hospital network is prescribing housing to patients

"The units are modular, identical, 275-square-foot studios with galley kitchens, a living room, a bedroom and a bathroom"

The Big Idea: Stockpile Canada’s Drugs

The pandemic—and one very bad winter—have exposed long-standing gaps in Canada’s pharma supply. We can’t get caught off-guard again

The Big Idea: Treat employees like people

"One of the biggest business liabilities is isolation." 
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How physician assistants can help solve Canada’s health-care crisis

They can be a lifeline for patients and doctors alike. But right now, only 800 are certified in Canada.
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Why we need to tax million-dollar-home owners

To tackle the scourge of housing unaffordability, older, wealthier homeowners need to chip in
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How to make malls matter again

For starters, they could house much-needed community services