The Canada Project

Nickelback fans on why they love Nickelback

We asked 1,500 Canadians their opinion on everything from poutine to Nickelback. The results are in—69 per cent consider Nickelback to be “a national treasure.” We caught up with some of their fans to find out why.

Why do so many women feel overwhelmed, stressed out and tired?

Between technology and feminism, life was supposed to get easier for women. What went wrong—and can we fix it?

Canada must get serious about income inequality. But how?

To avoid the tumult afflicting America and Britain, we need to get serious. Sadly, there no consensus on how

Everybody in Canada would live in this province if they could

We’ll give you a hint: Ontario came in second place. But which province, often identified by its initials, came first?

How big is Canada’s marijuana market, really?

Many are gambling demand will skyrocket when pot is legal. Here’s why that’s not a safe bet

151 reasons why it’s better to be Canadian

To celebrate Canada’s big birthday, we present one reason to love the country for every single year since 1867

Do Canadians working in fashion have to leave Canada?

16 prominent Canadians working at home and abroad sound off on the state of their industry

Why being ‘nice’ is bad for Canada

Opinion: Confronting racism means uncomfortable conversations, but it’s not nice to feel uncomfortable

Do Canadians deserve their reputation for being nice?

Two-thirds of Canadians think we’re as nice as the world says. But is the cliché actually true?

How Joe Carter’s home run entrenched Canada as a baseball country

The generation that came of age dreaming of Joe Carter’s 1993 World Series home run changed the face of baseball in this country

Toddler refusing to eat vegetables

The problem with the home-cooked, family dinner ideal

The expectations and guilt surrounding what parents feed their kids have never been higher. Why food divides one family instead of bringing it together.

The changing face of retirement in Canada

We’re living and staying active longer. That means some people might want to work longer, just to stay busy.