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Theresa May lives on as PM—but Brussels is in charge of Brexit

Theresa May suffered a huge loss on a Brexit vote, and then withstood a no-confidence vote only a day later. What’s next?

Donna Strickland on why scientists need time to make big discoveries

Finding practical applications for groundbreaking discoveries can take years, writes Canada’s most recent Nobel laureate

From ’Aboriginal’ to ’Indigenous’: Changing terms in the Trudeau era

Many terms have been used by the Canadian media to refer to the original inhabitants of Canada. The Trudeau era has seen rapid change.
Khalid Al-Falih

Canada’s showdown with Saudi Arabia exposes Maritime energy insecurity

Opinion: The Saudis didn’t cut the supply of crude oil to Canada after a diplomatic spat. But if they had, Atlantic provinces would be in a tough spot, writes Larry Hughes

Ontario’s scrapped basic-income pilot project was actually deeply flawed

Opinion: A professor who consulted on Ontario’s experiment says its cancellation isn’t the end of the world, as no high-quality data would have been collected

Fighting fires is hard enough. Why are we making it harder?

Opinion A hotter, drier boreal forest means there’s a higher risk of catastrophic wildfires. Yet there are no good new ideas—and no funding for better research

Is being good actually good for you?

Opinion: In both interpersonal and business affairs, there’s evidence that there’s positive payback for good deeds. But don’t be generous just to pursue those ends
Montreal Heatwave,

Climate change can be deadly if you live alone

This summer’s heat wave in Quebec offers important lessons as the world gets hotter—and isolated people face more health risks

The math behind Donald Trump’s tweets

Opinion: What mathematical methods tell us about the web of interactions formed by the U.S. president’s most frequently used keywords on Twitter

Doug Ford’s energy shake-up could wind up costing Ontario

Opinion: Whether the government’s actions around the province’s electricity system will offer consumers any significant benefits remains an open question at best