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Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert hold rally ‘Restore Sanity’ and ‘Keep Fear Alive’ at the National Mall

The divided America that Jon Stewart leaves behind

He came in championing a sensible, non-partisan way for America. He paved the way for the exact opposite.

Trevor Noah and the search for the perfect joke

The new host of the Daily Show is in hot water over some offensive—mostly bad—jokes. Jaime Weinman on his discomfort with our ’rule of funny’
Adrian Lee

What we can expect from Trevor Noah

Adrian Lee saw The Daily Show’s new host do stand-up in February, and it highlighted why he’s ideal for the high-profile gig

Trevor Noah to replace Jon Stewart on The Daily Show

’No one can replace Jon Stewart,’ says South African comedian picked to do just that
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He’s not just the token black guy

Wyatt Cenac of ‘The Daily Show’ is helping to kill off pigeonholing

The Daily Show hires women

The women who work on The Daily Show strike back against accusations that Jon Stewart is sexist
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Energy shock and oil myths

Will soaring prices crush globalization? Don’t bet on it.