The Editorial

What our longing for the ‘before times’ reveals about our hopes and fears for 2022

Editorial: Will we revert to some semblance of the old normal in 2022? Should we want to?

Maclean’s meets the moment: Our new magazine look, explained

‘In an age of distraction, a beautifully designed print magazine is a thing unto itself, a physical artifact that leans into a mandate of beauty and knowledge,’ writes Alison Uncles, editor-in-chief

(Photo illustration by Una Janicijevic and Drew Maynard)

The real ‘black mark’ when it comes to Canada’s military

The Editorial: There’s a pervasive culture of sexual misconduct in the military. After countless reports and recommendations, Harjit Sajjan should really have a handle on what needs fixing. And yet…

Darian Henderson-Bellman as a bridesmaid in 2019. (Courtesy of Flo Bellman and Paul Henderson)

The story of Darian Henderson-Bellman

Our editorial: While the COVID-19 crisis will ebb, the threat of gender-based violence will persist; what will the 2021 figures reveal when they are tabulated?

If you thought the cutting of B.C.’s ancient forests was winding down, you’d be wrong

Our editorial: Over the decade ending in 2018, an average of 15,200 hectares of old growth hit the ground annually in coastal forests alone. That’s an area per year the size of Vancouver.

Clockwise from top left: Henri P. Labelle, who loved precision in architecture and in dessert; Jamal Ali, who believed in people; Foon Hay Lum, who fought on behalf of lo wah kiu; Derek Burrage, His love shone through; Deb Diemer, always there for everyone else; Sylvia Anita Bijai, who loved taking care of her guests; Nora Castro, who took special care of others; and Dianne Chin, who gave freely, without hesitation.

20,000 Canadians have died of COVID-19. Each of their stories teaches us about life.

Our editorial: More than 400 journalism students across Canada are writing obituaries of COVID-19 victims in Canada. Their work is an exercise in empathy.

Ivy Metz, 86, smiles at her son Nick Metz as they visit separated by a plexiglass barrier at Lynn Valley Care Centre, in North Vancouver, on Friday, July 17, 2020. Visitors, who are screened on arrival, can now schedule to meet in a designated area with a physical barrier, however they aren't allowed to touch, hug or kiss. The seniors care home, which is now COVID-19 free, recorded Canada's first death from the virus on March 8. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Darryl Dyck

Seniors deserve a life worth living during the COVID-19 pandemic

Our editorial: While physical isolation is key to the current approach to fighting COVID-19, it is also a significant causal factor in mental and physical problems among the elderly

Nick Beaton, centre, wears a sign in memorial of his slain wife Kristen Beaton (Photograph by Darren Calabrese)

Finally, Nova Scotia gets a public inquiry that can deliver justice to grieving families

Our editorial: Nova Scotians were united in their call for a powerful and transparent inquiry. The only ones offside were the men in charge. Eventually, they did the right thing.

Paramedics transfer a patient from Residence Yvon-Brunet a long term care home in Montreal, Saturday, April 18, 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues in Canada and around the world. (Graham Hughes/CP)

How to fix a national embarrassment

Our editorial: 82 per cent of all COVID-19 deaths in Canada have occurred in long-term care homes. What can be done to make sure Canada’s elderly are protected?

Will this pandemic’s legacy be a universal basic income?

Our editorial: The entire country is now a laboratory. And we will soon have reliable data on how the CERB affects individual decisions and outcomes on work, school and health.

Canada can recover from this—and come out stronger

Our editorial: Let’s not forget that the apocalyptical string of war, pestilence and recession in the early 1900s was immediately followed by one of the most exuberant and hopeful eras in modern history

We all share this grief

Our editorial: On our cover this month, we offer a Farsi expression of condolence to illustrate a collective spirit of national devastation after the downing of Flight 752 in Tehran