The Interview

Naheed Nenshi Loves the Drama

Calgary’s centrist ex-mayor will have to win over skeptical NDP voters—and take on Danielle Smith—to reclaim Alberta. He’s looking forward to it.

Rick Mercer Isn’t Done Talking to You

And he’s on the road again

The Canadian doctor who helped invent Ozempic

Decades ago, Toronto researcher Daniel Drucker co-discovered a hormone that paved the way for today’s most-talked-about drug. Does he get the hype? Yes and no.

A split image. On the left is a smiling man in a striped sweater. On the right is a hand holding a baton.

Meet Yannick Nézet-Séguin, the maestro behind Bradley Cooper’s Maestro

Nézet-Séguin’s savant-like conducting chops made him a star in the classical music world. Then Hollywood came calling.

Blockbuster director Shawn Levy is Hollywood’s most reliable hitmaker

In a film landscape rife with strikes, cynicism and, soon, AI, the Montreal-born producer-director is still cranking out cinematic gold

For minister Sean Fraser, immigration and housing are more than just numbers games

Ambitious new immigration targets and a country-wide housing squeeze have Canadians asking: where are we going to put everyone? That’s Fraser’s job to answer.

Never Have I Ever star Maitreyi Ramakrishnan doesn’t know what’s next. She likes that.

“By the time I was 10, I knew exactly which high school courses I was going to take to get my college animation portfolio done. Now? Yeah, we don’t do that.”

Sarah-Ève Pelletier is confronting the ugly underbelly of Canadian athletics

“Certain issues seem to repeat in these sports organizations over time. Now we’re asking, ‘How are these things still happening when it’s not even the same people who are involved?’”

Tech leader Martin Kon wants you to give AI chatbots a chance

“Technology will never replace human interaction. It’s about how to make mundane tasks more efficient, so we can focus on higher-value ones.”

Vincent Lam has worked on the frontlines of Canada’s opioid crisis. It haunts him.

“Some patients stopped treatment, overdosed and died. Those cases will always be with me.”

Michelle O’Bonsawin: “I’m not a token Indigenous judge”

Canada’s first Indigenous Supreme Court justice isn’t the next Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She just wants to be herself.

Gabor Maté: Go ahead, blame your childhood

“When I was a workaholic doctor, that behaviour was driven by my trauma. Nobody in medical school ever taught me about that.”