The Move

A smiling family in front of a tropical background

Why One Edmonton Family Moved to Mexico

“Our new home is cheaper, warmer and buzzing with Canadian expats”
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They Vowed Never To Buy Pre-Construction. Then They Did Anyway

Tanushree and Nishant immigrated then apartment-hopped around Canada before becoming buyers
Odette Karlsson15

Mortgage-Free in Alberta

Odette Karlsson sold her Kitchener townhouse for $700,000 and bought a new one in Alberta for half the price

A Full House in New Brunswick

The Ostrander bunch moved to Fredericton with three adult kids, four dogs, three cats and a hamster
A man and a woman standing in front of a green two-storey building

The Move: How two Toronto entrepreneurs revamped a retro Nova Scotia general store

Audra Williams and Haritha Gnanaratna wrote an unhinged letter, chased government funding and pulled up what they call "a lasagna" of carpet to realize their dream: Rosefinch Mercantile and Tea Room in Port Medway, Nova Scotia 

The Move: Two die-hard digital nomads finally settle at a former parsonage in Nova Scotia

Dalene and Pete Heck were happy globetrotters until health issues brought them back home. They settled on a century-old former parsonage in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley. 
A woman leans against the gate of a white fence. She stands in front of a pale yellow house.

The Move: From downtown Toronto to an artist’s escape in rural Newfoundland

Laura Dawe thought she’d never be able to afford a home. Then a little yellow house in picturesque Pouch Cove caught her eye.

This couple moved from a downtown Toronto condo to a sprawling Nova Scotia B&B

From the time he was six, Stefan Palios dreamt of living in a castle. As the current co-owner of a seven-bedroom century home in Windsor, N.S., he’s almost gotten his wish.
A man and a woman standing and holding hands with a black dog by their feet, standing in front of a white house

The Move: From a postage stamp–sized lot in London to greener pastures in Moncton

Hayley and Mike wanted to "get the hell out of London." (Their words.) Now, they live affordably—and regret-free—on the coast of New Brunswick
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I moved from Toronto to Guatemala to start a surf resort with my family 

"For the first few months, we lived in a temporary tiny house on the beach—a plastic tarp supported by bamboo."