TIFF 2016

GUESS WHO’S COMING TO DINNER, (L-R), Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn, Katharine Houghton, Sidney Po

’Loving’ marks a comeback for movies with a conscience

After falling out of style, movies with a conscience are back, and directors are looking for ways to avoid another backlash

Why ’Moonlight’ is fully deserving of its high-voltage buzz

Moonlight is a meditative, colourful and entirely timely film
INDIGNATION, from left: Logan Lerman, Sarah Gadon, 2016. ph: Alison Cohen Rosa / © Roadside

Philip Roth and why good books make bad movies

The latest attempt to translate Philip Roth shows the challenge with adapting literature to film
Still from The Skyjacker’s Tale. (TIFF)

The Skyjacker’s Tale and its plane-hijacking antihero

Accused of a massacre, Ishmael Muslim Ali allegedly hijacked a plane to flee—but says he didn’t commit the crime
The Magnificent Seven

How the Western has waned

Westerns once ruled the movie theatre. But a remake of ’The Magnificent Seven’ shows just how far the genre has fallen.
Video still from Blair Witch (Courtesy of TIFF)

Blair Witch follows the original’s creepy footsteps back into the woods

Can the new ’Blair Witch’ possibly live up to the sheer terror of the pioneering ’Blair Witch Project’?

Nate Parker, rape allegations and The Birth of a Nation

A director who demands the redress of historical wrongs is forced to face his own past

16 to see at TIFF ’16: Brian D. Johnson’s picks

A sweet 16 of must-see movies, plus a handful more our reviewer can’t wait to see