Tim Hudak

Kathleen Wynne

Kathleen Wynne’s path to victory

A dauntless campaign helped propel the Ontario Liberals to a majority government, despite a record of scandal
Tim Hudak

’A kick in the teeth,’ PC supporters respond to Hudak’s resignation

A sombre mood as the Ontario PC leader steps down
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What Ontario’s party leaders had to say on election night

For the record: Who said what after the votes were counted
Paul Wells

Ontario: History is written by winners

Paul Wells on what winning means for Wynne
Tim Hudak

Are voters ready for Tim Hudak’s gamble?

By targeting jobs, the PC leader has embraced the stern-father role. Is that what Ontarians want?

Ontario vote could have big impact on students

PC Party would cancel major tuition grant and reward certain programs
Charlie Gillis

Unions shift alliances in Ontario provincial election

Infighting and shifting loyalties are plaguing the parties’ machines
Tim Hudak

Boothe vs. Coyne spar over Hudak’s million jobs plan

One ’Million Jobs Plan.’ Two writers. And a whole lot of bad math. Let the Twitter spat ensue.
Paul Wells

Tim Hudak’s economic truth hurts, as it should

The Ontario PC leader’s fears aren’t idle – Ontario’s economy isn’t strong, and its budgets have suffered
Tim Hudak

The elementary-school math error in Hudak’s million jobs plan

Economist Mike Moffatt weighs in on the PC’s plan for the Ontario economy