Tom Mulcair

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks at the signing ceremony for the Paris Agreement on climate change at the United Nations headquarters in New York on April 22, 2016. (Sean Kilpatrick/CP)

How Canada became an environmental outlier

Tom Mulcair: Justin Trudeau and Peter MacKay, Trudeau’s likely Conservative opponent in the next federal election, represent the same generation—one that has failed on the environment

What’s wrong with Jagmeet Singh’s NDP?

Philippe J. Fournier: The latest 338Canada analysis shows the party struggling in Quebec and B.C. and far off its 2015 results

‘Change’ or just more of the same? It’s campaign slogan déjà vu.

QUIZ: The Ontario NDP is offering ‘change for the better’. They’re not the first. Match these campaign taglines to the leader and election.

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh talks to Paul Wells at the Maclean's Live event at Ottawa's National Arts Centre on February 8, 2018

Jagmeet Singh tries not to pick sides on the Alberta and B.C. pipeline fight

With B.C. and Alberta feuding over the Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline, the new federal NDP leader faces a party unity challenge

The NDP looks for a winner, mostly avoids divisive debate

When the party dumped Tom Mulcair, it seemed hungry for a sharp left turn. But the race to replace him has been more cautious

A debate on Trump’s refugee ban reveals Trudeau’s tricky tightrope

Trudeau earned international praise for his tweet. But at an emergency debate, demands for concrete action went ignored.

Tom Mulcair: The 2016 Parliamentarian of the Year

After a tough election loss and a tougher party convention, Tom Mulcair got right back to work in the House of Commons

Elbowgate’s traumatized victims need your support

Elbowgate may be behind us, but please give in memory of 5/18

The NDP’s conscious uncoupling

The end of Tom Mulcair may turn out to be most right for the Liberal Party

The NDP’s hard left turn into an existential crisis

How the Leap Manifesto has touched off an epic fight inside the NDP

Avi Lewis on the ‘ideological battle’ over the Leap Manifesto

Avi Lewis on the climate crisis, Naomi Klein, and how he didn’t mean to ‘blow up the NDP convention’

The NDP, free at last to … ?

Tom Mulcair lost his party’s support. Now what? Paul Wells on an NDP with big, defining decisions on the docket