Toronto attack

10 Killed After Rental Van Plows Into Pedestrians On Toronto Street

Incels are fuelled by stupid, pointless rage—but that rage is still a major threat

It might be uncomfortable to talk about misogyny after a deadly van attack on Toronto’s Yonge Street. But we ignore it at our own peril, writes Tabatha Southey
The aftermath, as a vehicle plows into pedestrians in Toronto

Toronto attack déjà-vu: lessons from the misogynist Montreal massacre

Anne Kingston: Mass murder motivated by ideological hatred of women meets the legal definition of terrorism. Why won’t we call it that?
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‘Toronto Strong’ vigil for van attack draws thousands

Thousands gathered at a vigil to remember the 10 people who died in a van attack that struck Toronto in April.
Mass Casualtie On Yonge St

Think twice before tweeting about tragedies like the Toronto van attack

Experts warn that those hawking their products after tragic events are wading into a minefield
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The people who rushed to help — ’I hope the families know their loved ones weren’t alone’

When an unthinkable terror unfolded on a busy street, shopkeepers, city officials, passers-by and countless others ran to offer assistance. ‘The goodness in human nature shone through.’
Van strikes as many as 10 pedestrians at Yonge and Finch

Coroner reveal identities of 10 Toronto van attack victims

Other sources have identified some of the dead, who range in age from their 20s to their 90s
A candle light vigil is held at Olive Square near Yonge and Finch Streets for the 10 people that were killed and the 15 injured in the van attack along Yonge Street between Sheppard and Finch streets

With a little more humanity, Toronto carries on

There have been kindnesses in the wake of Toronto’s deadly van attack, writes Tabatha Southey—but that’s just how people respond

Could anything have prevented the Toronto van attack?

Emergency braking technology in cars? Concrete barriers? Experts weigh in
Toronto van attack dash cam video2

Dash cam video and witness provide new details about the route of Toronto van attack

The footage, obtained by Maclean’s, shows the van running a stop light on Beecroft Rd. just seconds after pedestrians, including a woman with a stroller, had crossed

Arresting officer in Toronto van attack says he’s no hero

"(Const. Ken Lam) wants to make sure that everyone understands he was not a hero, he was merely doing a job."