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There aren’t enough skilled workers in Canada but attracting more women to these jobs will go a long way. Here’s why the gender gap exists, and how to fix it.

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10 Reasons You Should Absolutely Consider a Career in the Skilled Trades

From high salaries to job security, here’s why job seekers should be looking to the skilled trades for work.

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Those Dastardly Bloggers Ruined Everything For Peter Bart

The New York Observer has an item on the collapse of Variety, once the definitive source of Hollywood insider info. What happened was the internet, where there is no “definitive” source of anything and where having a big online presence doesn’t actually help a trade paper make money. It may be even worse for entertainment trade papers than for non-niche papers. Whereas the internet can’t compete with the New York Times for reporting, and bloggers/twitterers wind up linking to or quoting from newspaper reporting, the information that Variety or The Hollywood Reporter offer is often accessible to anyone who has an inside source or two. News about executive firings, movie projects and TV cancellations therefore winds up being “broken” all over the place. So all Variety has left is its brand name, and it’s a brand name that’s increasingly associated with boredom and, during the writers’ strike, a pro-producers slant that didn’t set well with a lot of its readership.


As the clubhouse turns

The jays start a critical road trip tonight in Milwaukee, with the A.J. Burnett soap opera still in full swing. this morning, The Star’s Richard Griffin (maybe Toronto’s best baseball analyst) provides a detailed and analytical