Erdogan addresses his ruling party members at the parliament, in Ankara, Turkey, on Feb. 12, 2020 (AP Photo/Burhan Ozbilici)

Canada’s diplomatic blunder in Turkey

Adnan R. Khan: Turkey’s standoff with 10 ambassadors, including Canada’s, was political grandstanding, and Erdogan came out the winner
Protesters rally in solidarity with Turkic-speaking Muslim Uyghurs, in Istanbul on July 12, 2009 (BULENT KILIC/AFP via Getty Images)

’Just like Erdogan’: The mistake Trudeau is making with China

Adnan R. Khan: Turkey’s president was one of the first global leaders to call the treatment of China’s Uyghurs a genocide. Then came the pressure from China.
Sarikaya, a first-generation Turkish Canadian, says she is disappointed the Turkish flag will no longer be raised at Yellowknife’s city hall (Photograph by Pat Kane)

The flap over Yellowknife’s flag-raising practices

At the request of Turkish Yellowknifers, the city proclaimed Oct. 29 as ’Turkish Republic Day’ and raised the iconic flag outside city hall. Then complaints started rolling in.
A Turkish military convoy parks near the town of Batabu on the highway linking Idlib to the Syrian border crossing with Turkey, on March 2, 2020 (Aaref Watad/AFP/Getty Images)

A NATO ally is hurtling toward crisis. Should we care?

Adnan R. Khan: After its flirtations with Russia, Turkey now faces a foreign policy disaster in Syria. Can anything be done to save it?

A ’safe zone’ in Syria was a lie

Adnan R. Khan: Turkey vowed to rid northern Syria of terrorists and create a ’safe zone’ for refugees. Instead, terrorists have taken over.

Donald Trump is a ’big fan’ of Erdogan, noted global ’tough guy’

Image of the Week: Did the Turkish president really chuck a provocative letter from Trump in the trash? Or did he return it to an embarrassed U.S. president? It barely matters.

Trump’s betrayal of the Kurds spurs the drumbeat to end his presidency

His most abject apologists can see the truth: Trump has exposed a steadfast ally in the fight against ISIS to invasion and persecution

The compassion revolution hits Istanbul

Adnan R. Khan: The politics of division lost badly in Turkey’s biggest city, hinting at a new way forward: "Everything will be beautiful"

When terror strikes the populist leaders cash in

Adnan R. Khan: In Turkey, Europe and the U.S., both white nationalist and radical Islamist terrorism are part of the same self-reinforcing system

The real world effects of Donald Trump’s cluelessness

Adnan R. Khan: If the president’s wildly uninformed decision about Syria is the new norm for U.S. foreign policy, the world is in for a rough ride