U.S. economy

America’s record bull market left the U.S. economy behind

The current bull market is now the second-longest in history, yet the U.S. economy and American workers have lagged far behind

The Interview: Nobel laureate and economist Joseph Stiglitz

The professor of economics at Columbia University discusses the failure of austerity, the rise of inequality, and the weakness of the U.S. economic recovery

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From trillion-dollar deficits to unprecedented spending cuts

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What 2014 could bring after years of losing manufacturing jobs to low-cost Asia

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Help for the Canadian economy? Yes, from Europe.

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After Bernanke

Why Janet Yellen should lead the Federal Reserve

Obama gets the problem with the U.S. economy — not so much the solution

The president’s vision of the middle class and how to rescue it hasn’t changed, unfortunately


Text of U.S. President Obama’s speech on the economy

U.S. President Barack Obama just delivered the first of several addresses on the economy scheduled for this summer at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois. Below are his prepared remarks.


What budget cuts? U.S. sequestration is not as bad as feared

In March, U.S. President Barack Obama called sequestration “just dumb.” Many others said it would destroy the U.S. economy. Well, that hasn’t happened—not yet, at least.