U.S. election 2016

Can Barack Obama’s legacy survive?

New York Magazine’s Jonathan Chait on what Obama did right and wrong, and what will last, in this ‘moment of peril’

America’s perfect voters picked a winner—again

In the bellwether corner of a bellwether county in the bellwether state of Ohio, voters picked Donald Trump—and it wasn’t even close

In Washington, D.C., the political swamp monsters prowl on

Donald Trump vowed to ‘drain the swamp’. But in the black lagoon of the U.S. Capitol, America’s biggest career politicians press on uncertainly

Donald Trump could happen in Canada. It’s already begun.

Donald Trump’s angry, populist surge is already beginning to infect Canadian politics. But will it take root?

Mourning in America: Gazing forward on a day of remembrance

On Veterans’ Day, Americans looked toward a new country under president-elect Donald Trump

So, how exactly will Donald Trump’s fiery doomsday strike?

Time to move past how Trump got elected and focus on how he’ll end the world, says Scott Feschuk. (A Mad Max-style car chase? 1000:1 odds.)

Maclean’s on the Hill, Nov. 11: What Trump means for Canada

It’s the big question on everyone’s mind. So this week’s politics podcast tries to figure out Donald Trump’s rise—and how it’ll affect Canadians.

The Maclean’s Skittles Map, in 30 seconds: How Trump won America

Our electoral map—in the candy most closely associated with the campaign—tracked the U.S. election night results. Watch them roll in, in 30 seconds

Hillary Clinton’s big problem

It had less to do with gender and more with the fact that Clinton was a terrifically flawed candidate who failed to inspire voters.

The inevitability of Donald Trump

One photo, less than 1,000 words: Five years later, Donald Trump gets the last laugh

Hiding in the shadows of Trump’s America

In light of Donald Trump’s victory, thousands of young Americans fear they may have to hide from detection

What Donald Trump’s win means for a Canadian in New York

A block party at Brooklyn’s Clinton and President streets was supposed to celebrate the first female president. Instead, there was only silence.