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The unemployment rate is meaningless and we should scrap it

Our editorial: The statistic used to be a good proxy for the state of the economy, but those days are gone. It’s time to revise what we measure.
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10 unmistakable signs it’s time to look for a new job

Sticking with the job you have is often a good choice—but inertia can be a career killer, too. Here are the signs of trouble to watch out for
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Four key questions applicants should ask in every job interview

Here are four wise questions sure to impress an interviewer (and a few more that are better left unsaid)
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The good news (and bad) about Canada’s economy

With GDP and employment up, the present looks great. The future? Not so much.
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Why Ottawa’s program for funding job retraining needs to change

While Western provinces have been hit hard by lower oil prices, federal money for retraining unemployed workers has failed to keep pace

Editorial: We can’t ignore those young, unmarried men

Men don’t matter, unless they’re driving the economy
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Why the youth unemployment crisis isn’t what it seems

Public policy’s approach to youth unemployment is muddied by the fact the rate includes teens and twenty-somethings, who relate differently to the workforce

Oil volatility, Swiss secrets, and a G20 meeting

Feb. 9: It’s a busy week ahead. Plus, a look at the strength of Canadian and U.S. jobs numbers.
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Unemployed? Living in your parents’ basement? Then yes: work for free

Everybody should maximize their advantages in creating a career path—and those who can stay at home should repay parents somehow
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Canadian employment: this is getting ugly

We’ll know soon enough if another mistake has been made, but the new jobs report fits with the slump that’s been underway for months