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Maclean’s University Rankings

For more than three decades, Maclean’s has collected the data and crunched the numbers to evaluate Canadian universities. See our exclusive list of Canada’s top universities.
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The best help money can buy

Why students are turning to application coaches
FACULTY WITH HIGHEST DEGREE IN FIELD_ Burke-Gaffney Observatory_Courtesy of Saint Mary’s University (2)(1)

Canada’s Best Universities 2023: Faculty With Highest Degree in Their Field

This assessment of faculty looks at how many professors at a university have the highest-level degree in their field
STUDENT RETENTION_Courtesy of Martin Dee_University of British Columbia

Canada’s Best Universities 2023: Student Retention

Maclean’s tracks how many first-year students return to a university in the second year
GRADE DISTRIBUTION_Courtesy of Laurent Benoit_Sherbrooke University

Canada’s Best Universities 2023: Grade Distribution

A look at the average high school grades of each school’s incoming students
AVERAGE ENTERING GRADE_Courtesy of Matthew Dochstader_University of Toronto

Canada’s Best Universities 2023: Average Entering Grade

This measure tracks incoming first-year students’ average high school grades
AVERAGE CLASS SIZE_Courtsy of Wayne Eardley_Trent University

Canada’s Best Universities 2023: Average Class Size

Maclean’s tracks undergraduate class sizes, which can vary significantly and impact students’ learning experience
PROPORTION WHO GRADUATE_Courtesy of Bonnie Findley_ University of Ottawa(1)

Canada’s Best Universities 2023: Proportion who Graduate

Maclean’s tracks undergraduate students to determine if they received a degree within seven years
ENGINEERING_University of Ottawa_Courtesy of Bonnie Findley_University of Ottawa

Canada’s Best Engineering Programs: University Rankings 2023

The 20 top-ranking schools for engineering programs in Canada
EDUCATION_Courtesy of the University of Saskatchewan

Canada’s Best Education Programs: University Rankings 2023

The 20 top-ranking schools for education programs in Canada