Andrea Loewen poses for a photograph in the home she shares with her friends in Vancouver, B.C. on March 26, 2023.

Why I gave up my condo and moved in with my best friend and her family

“We started a group chat called Modern Fam Jam to coordinate everything”

The Building: Vancouver Island’s upward spiral

The Malahat SkyWalk is a tourist spectacle—in the best sense of the word.

The Move: Why one family left Toronto for Vancouver Island

The Bergot-Brownings were itching to leave Toronto. One year and 14 goats later, they’re among greener pastures on Vancouver Island.
The Chiu family in front of their new three-bedroom, two-bathroom townhouse in Calgary, Alberta. (Photos courtesy Allison Seto)

The Move: Priced out of Vancouver

Priced out of Vancouver, Martin and Nicole Chiu became first-time homeowners after a spontaneous move to Calgary
Panama v Canada: 2022 World Cup Qualifying

“It hit me: Wow, the World Cup is really coming to Canada”

In our Q&A with Jonathan Osorio, the national team star explains why the announcement that Vancouver and Toronto will be host cities at the 2026 World Cup is a very big deal.

For $1.8 million you can buy this gorgeous floating home in Vancouver

Waterfront homes in nearby Point Grey sell for upwards of $10 million, making this floating gem on Granville Island a relative bargain
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"We can not overlook those left in its wake."

Letters to the editor, April 1, 2022: Readers weigh in on a Kelowna development war, the shadow of COVID-19, and impoverished seniors in Vancouver’s Chinatown
Bing Yu Jiao in his Chinatown studio apartment: finding connection in a kind of subdued facsimile of home. (Photograph by Felicia Chang)

Seniors in Vancouver’s Chinatown are battling poverty and racism to put food on the table

How a community program is knocking down barriers and feeding seniors
Brunt in the bicycle area of the Vancouver Police Department’s property room. (Photograph by Vishal Marapon)

Meet Canada’s only full-time bike theft detective

Vancouver has finally put a dent in its long-running bike theft epidemic. All it took was one dedicated officer.
Tao (left) and Schofield outside their Vancouver apartment building; the friends are fighting evictions in the city’s Mount Pleasant neighbourhood (Photograph by Alana Paterson)

Renters across Canada are banding together to fight high housing costs and evictions

The pandemic has brought tensions over the decades-long housing crisis in Canada’s cities to a boiling point