Summerland and Okanagan Lake, British Columbia, Canada

Where to find the best weather in Canada 2019

Two provinces dominated this ranking of best communities for weather in Canada

The forecast: sunny, with a chance of earthquakes

Forecasters predict a lovely mild winter, with a risk of a devastating flood or other disaster

Parts of southern Ontario could see an ice storm this weekend

A special weather statement issued by Environment Canada warns of a potential ice storm after temperatures as warm as 16 C on Thursday
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Snow for Christmas is in the forecast for most of Canada this year

Christmas Forecast: Santa’s Packing Snow for Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, but not Vancouver
U.S. Army Cpt. Heim shaves during a sand storm in his base in Arghandab valley, near Kandahar

’It looked like a spaceship’: What it’s like to be caught in a sandstorm

‘It hurts tremendously. Imagine being sandblasted.’
Storm Chasers Monitoring Approaching Tornado in Western Kansas

’Run! It’s coming this way’: What it’s like at the centre of a tornado

‘My husband had to pry her hand away from that table. She never did hear me screaming for her.’
APTOPIX Afghanistan Landslide

’It came right through the shop’: How to endure a B.C. mudslide

‘An eight-foot wide creek that wasn’t there before was now in my backyard’
APTOPIX Spain Wildfire

’This is like a living thing’: How it feels to escape a wildfire

‘It’s absolutely beautiful and absolutely terrifying at the same time’

’You don’t know what’s under your feet’: How to survive a North Pole storm

‘When it blows that much, the snow can cover open water’
Extreme winds and seaweed-filled storm surge during Hurricane Dennis.

’I felt awe and fear’: New Orleans in the middle of Katrina

‘We would see a piece of someone’s roof fly by. We could see a tree fly by.’