Where to find the best weather in Canada 2019

Two provinces dominated this ranking of best communities for weather in Canada

The forecast: sunny, with a chance of earthquakes

Forecasters predict a lovely mild winter, with a risk of a devastating flood or other disaster

Parts of southern Ontario could see an ice storm this weekend

A special weather statement issued by Environment Canada warns of a potential ice storm after temperatures as warm as 16 C on Thursday

Snow for Christmas is in the forecast for most of Canada this year

Christmas Forecast: Santa’s Packing Snow for Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, but not Vancouver

‘It looked like a spaceship’: What it’s like to be caught in a sandstorm

‘It hurts tremendously. Imagine being sandblasted.’

‘Run! It’s coming this way’: What it’s like at the centre of a tornado

‘My husband had to pry her hand away from that table. She never did hear me screaming for her.’

‘It came right through the shop’: How to endure a B.C. mudslide

‘An eight-foot wide creek that wasn’t there before was now in my backyard’

‘This is like a living thing’: How it feels to escape a wildfire

‘It’s absolutely beautiful and absolutely terrifying at the same time’

‘I felt awe and fear’: New Orleans in the middle of Katrina

‘We would see a piece of someone’s roof fly by. We could see a tree fly by.’

‘You don’t know what’s under your feet’: How to survive a North Pole storm

‘When it blows that much, the snow can cover open water’

Why it’s snowing in Alberta and boiling hot in Ontario and Quebec

We’ve had extreme differences in weather across the country. Why the difference in conditions?

Just how bad is the snow in Vancouver?

In a word: very. Another 10 cm of snow will produce the city’s fifth snowiest year since the 1970s.