Wen Jiabao

Good news … Bad news

Another way of looking at the week

The China crisis

The country’s citizens need only look around to see monuments to their leaders’ hubris


Nothing to see here

Jason Kenney, responding after QP to a reporter’s question about Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao’s comments.


Scolding or welcome?

Before anybody melts down completely about the stinging “rebuke” our Prime Minister received from the Chinese Premier, can I ask exactly how sure we are that the insult was intended as an insult? I am looking around for an assurance, from somebody actually in a position to know, that this was indeed the unprecedented savaging/borderline casus belli that everyone but the PM himself is making it out to be. This position would, at a minimum, seem to involve having heard and understood the Premier’s words in the original Mandarin.


Oh, snap

In diplomatic circles this is apparently equivalent to mocking one’s mother.


Court clears student who threw shoe at Chinese leader

British judge tells 27-year-old German student to watch his behaviour in the future