Two people stand on a beach looking at glowing orange smoke across a lake.

“Like a science-fiction movie”: The story of one couple’s evacuation from Kelowna

Bonnie Sherwin and her husband, Don, fled their home of 30 years as fires approached. They don’t know when they’ll go back.
A line of cars and trucks wait in standstill traffic on a curved wet road.

“Sixty-three per cent of N.W.T’s population have been evacuated”

Alty says at least 6,500 residents have left since the evacuation order was given on Wednesday, with more departing today
NS Halifax Wildfire 20230601

What it was like to fight a colossal East Coast wildfire

“In my memory, we have never had an incident on this large of a scale.”

How the wildfires are affecting our health

“We’re designed to fight bacteria and viruses. We can’t do smoke.”

The Age of Wildfires

Wildfires are hotter, bigger and deadlier than ever. And they’re getting worse.
Champagne ascends the 30-m ladder to his lookout perch (Photograph by Amber Bracken)

The lonely life of a wildfire lookout in northern Alberta

Canada’s wildfire lookouts live under constant threat that they will be replaced by technology. But they’ve never been more essential.

Facing a wall of flame and smoke in northern Alberta

Image of the Week: We’re getting better at evacuations, but not at confronting the reason wildfires are bigger and more frequent

Fighting fires is hard enough. Why are we making it harder?

Opinion A hotter, drier boreal forest means there’s a higher risk of catastrophic wildfires. Yet there are no good new ideas—and no funding for better research
APTOPIX Spain Wildfire

’This is like a living thing’: How it feels to escape a wildfire

‘It’s absolutely beautiful and absolutely terrifying at the same time’