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The Move: A growing family upsizes in Winnipeg—at a fraction of Ontario’s prices

For the Tynedals, affording their Oshawa mortgage meant multiple renos and taking on tenants. In Winnipeg, their brood has room to breathe.
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Where to eat, drink, play and stay in Winnipeg

All the standout spots to savour in Manitoba’s vibrant cultural hub
updated library

The Building: Winnipeg’s Cornish Library gets an inviting makeover

The library’s multi-million-dollar addition comes with a message: All are welcome 
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How Winnipeg’s Forest Pavilion was built with climate change in mind

As flooding becomes more frequent across the Prairies, architects are designing newer structures with climate change in mind
‘Kindness rocks’ spread around Winnipeg carry messages of optimism and commemoration (Photographs by Shannon VanRaes)

Winnipeg is Canada’s ’Kindness Rock’ capital

Winnipeg has fallen for the phenomenon like no other Canadian city, allowing its parks and streetscapes to fill with tiny seeds of cheer

Why bulldozing encampments isn’t a solution for the homeless

Even if the Trudeau government’s $55-billion, 10-year national housing strategy meets its goals, homeless encampments are unlikely to disappear

Meat theft: The strange new crime trend taking over Winnipeg grocery stores

Some stores are hiring security guards and training staff to watch for suspicious behaviour—a challenge, because, well, there’s no stereotypical meat thief

’We’ve been stranded on this man-made island for the past 100 years’

A thoughtless decision that cut off Shoal Lake 40 First Nation from the outside world a century ago is finally set right with the opening of Freedom Road
University of Winnipeg. (University of Winnipeg)

What about Winnipeg?

Two schools for university students to consider in Manitoba’s capital

What will Winnipeg do with Canada’s most famous intersection?

Winnipeggers will soon decide whether to change the distinctly Soviet vibe of one of the country’s iconic cityscapes