Photograph of three soldiers from Queen's Own Rifles during World War II in Amersfoort, Netherlands. (Courtesy of Irene Martin)

My uncle was affable, charming and well-read. But the losses at Normandy tormented him.

’For years, he kept records of platoon members he knew had survived the war. When the new phone book came out, he would check to see if they were still alive. But he never contacted them.’
Picture released on April 12, 1945 of Dutch civilians waving to the Canadian soldiers driving through a village of Netherlands, during the Second World War. (AFP/Getty Images)

When Canada liberated a nation from tyranny

J.L. Granatstein: ’The Dutch remember. They teach their children about the war in their schools. On Christmas Eve every year the children of Holten go to the Canadian cemetery to light a candle on each grave to make the point that freedom had—and still has—a price.’

Remembrance Day should be a national holiday

Our editorial: There is something beautiful in stopping work at 11 a.m. and standing at our desks in silence. But we can do better.

How Mackenzie King convinced Canada to go to war in 1939

Canada made an independent decision to fight the Nazis, one taken with scarcely a voice raised against it in Parliament

These mysterious wartime letters nearly ended up in the trash—until fate intervened

A big stack of wartime letters was headed for the dumpster at a Salvation Army north of Toronto. But now the touching correspondence has reached its rightful homes.

The little-known WWII works of one of Canada’s most famous artists

They hang in schools across the country, and often unnoticed: The ’For King and Country’ scrolls by the Group of Seven artist A.J. Casson
My Buddy. World War II Laid Bare

Photo book shows the lighter side of WWII

’My Buddy: World War II Laid Bare’ collects photos of naked WWII soldiers

Life in Churchill’s school for spies

A review of The Secret Ministry of Ag. and Fish

New rivalries threaten to overshadow D-Day 70th anniversary

How the conflict between Ukraine and Russia threatens to mar the anniversary