Year Ahead 2021

(Photo illustration by Sarah Palmer and Drew Maynard)

Five things that likely won’t happen in 2021

The past year has proven that you never know what’s coming. But these things, you can probably rule out…
Once out of office, Trump will continue to fuel rage with lies and self-serving accusations (Karen Ducey/Getty Images)

2021 is going to look very, very similar to 2020

Scott Gilmore: The pandemic isn’t suddenly going away, Trump will still be around and the decline of American democracy will continue. Happy New Year!
Seale and Jackson enjoy chicken wings at the Workshop Eatery in Edmonton, Alta. (Photograph by Amber Bracken)

This awful year may have reset our ability to appreciate happiness

Experts think that after months of depriving ourselves of everyday pleasures we once took for granted, our newfound appreciation for the little things might actually last beyond 2020
Two mothers are pushing their kids on the swings in the park. (SolStock/Getty Images)

A letter to the mom at the playground: Our casual chats meant more than I realized

Amil Niazi: By early May, only 48 per cent of Canadians over the age of 15 reported excellent or very good mental health, down 20 per cent from 2018. The loss of acquaintances may play a role in that shift.
The Child in The Mandalorian, Season 2 (Courtesy of Lucasfilm Ltd/Disney+)

Let’s not ’cancel’ Baby Yoda

Marie-Danielle Smith: ’You see, in the before times, we were able to extend the benefit of the doubt to a 16-inch-tall animatronic baby.’
Trudeau will turn 50 in 2021 and would be the oldest of his competitors in an election (Courtesy of Adam Scotti/PMO)

Old man Trudeau enters a likely election year as the veteran politician

The leader who rode youthful optimism to power will now contend with a pack of fresh faces in 2021 as an election likely looms
The head of a statue of Sir John A. MacDonald in Montreal, in August 2020 (Graham Hughes/CP)

Burying Sir John A. Macdonald

The first prime minister will no longer be put on a pedestal as the debate turns to what to put up in his place
A group of protesters protect an injured man, taking him to safety during a U.K. protest (Luke Dray/Getty Images)

If anything will save us from the plight of 2020, it’s empathy

Michael Coren: We’ve seen evidence of it already. The very act of wearing a mask, for example, is a leap of empathy by thinking in the communal and behaving in the fraternal.

2021 is the year electric blankets are cool again

Today’s plug-in blankets are not the overheating, fire-starting throws that gave your grandmother anxiety back in the day
Dechinta students on the land during the Fall 2020 Semester on MacKenzie Island, outside of Yellowknife, Chief Drygeese Territory, NWT (Courtesy of Morgan Tsetta)

May 2021 be the year land is once again refuge for Indigenous people

Leanne Betasamosake Simpson: During the pandemic, Indigenous people reconnected to their land, embracing bush life and learning to live in community with each other in times of trouble