The Khashoggi killing has done what the deaths of 60,000 people could not

Terry Glavin: It took the slaying of a celebrity journalist for western governments to face up to Saudi Arabia’s brutality. Are they outraged enough to pursue meaningful change?

‘The Saudis suck on human rights.’ How the world sees Saudi Arabia.

Adnan R. Khan: From Turkey to Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia is known as a disruptive human rights abuser. Canada is not alone in its criticism.

‘Canada is back’ (just not in Yemen)

Scott Gilmore: Canada is playing both sides in a horrifying civil war in Yemen, arming the antagonists and offering scant aid to the victims

The terrible trend of bombing hospitals

Another MSF hospital is hit – this time in Yemen. Is this the end of medical care in war-torn countries?

How Yemen became a stage for proxy battles

How an insurrection in Yemen has spun into a regional battle. Michael Petrou on a new Gulf war

The impact of oil prices, from A to Y

March 26: A journey from Alberta’s budget to air strikes in Yemen. Plus, a painfully bad date with a Japanese ramen brand

Good news, bad news

Good news, bad news

Hope for the Washington Post, while Vietnam cracks down on Twitter


A new beginning for Yemen—sort of

Yemenis have officially elected former Vice-President Abdrabu Mansour Hadi as their country’s new president. Going into Tuesday’s strange election, there was little doubt about the outcome; Hadi was the only candidate. Hadi had been acting head of state since last November, when long-time president Ali Abdullah Saleh agreed to step down following months of popular protests to oust him. Hadi will serve for a two-year term. Though Yemen’s uprising was successfully put down last year with the promise of this presidential election, there is little hope that things will change dramatically now that one of Saleh’s closest aides is officially taking over. Meanwhile, Saleh remains in the United States, where he has been getting medical attention following an assassination attempt last June.


Yemeni president to step down

Saleh signs power-transfer agreement

Good news

Good news, bad news: Sept. 15-22

B.C. salmon are radiation-free, RCMP officers get off scot-free for tasering a child

The incredible journey

Newsmakers: July 8 – July 14, 2011

Anthony Galea pleads guilty, Bieber fever starts to wane, and a lost dog finally makes it home


Newsmakers: June 2-9, 2011

A tiny Wolfe at the bathroom door, a flirty old Castro in Cuba and the Times’ new editor needs her red pen