Did Kate say 'daughter' or 'dog?' — let's go the videotape

Our resident royal watcher catches you up on the latest

(Scott Heppell/AP)

Did Kate spill the beans that she’s expecting a daughter? For all those not following the kerfuffle, a recap. During a visit earlier this week to Grimsby earlier, Kate was handed a teddy and thanked the lady for the gift.

A woman who overheard the exchange told reporters that Kate said, “Thank you, I will take that for my d…” Speculation flew that Kate meant “daughter,” accidently revealing that she was carrying the future queen regnant. Then, as people examined video of the incident frame by frame, doubts set in. Did she mean “dog”—her young cocker spaniel Lupo—but stopped because it would be rude to say she was going to use the gift as a canine chew toy?

Now the Daily Mail claims to have have the definitive answer to the vexing question—and a video taken of the exchange that the London tabloid says backs up their claim. Here’s their money paragraph:

On Lisa’s footage, Kate is heard to say, “is this for us, awww, thank you so much, it’s very sweet of you” when given the soft toy “for the baby” by wellwisher Diana Burton. 

Grimsby resident Sandra Cook, 67, who was standing nearby at the time thought the Duchess had said “is this for our dau…” before stopping abruptly.  She then asked Kate when she reached her along the line: “Did you say my daughter?”

In light of the new footage, it’s no wonder the Duchess looked so confused at Mrs Cook’s question before raising an eyebrow and wagging her finger to deny she knows whether she’s expecting a girl.

“No my, oh my? No, no, no?.?.?.?!” she then said clearly flustered. When Mrs Cook added cheekily: “I think you do,” Kate replied, “I’m sure, I’m sure!” She then stared at the ground and added: “We don’t know.”

Regardless, we’ll all know who’s right and who’s wrong in July, when the baby is born.