A reader writes (II)

Susan Delacourt links to yesterday’s clarification and receives a similarly worded letter of outrage. Citing her father’s birth in Glasgow, she has declined to clarify her views on whether time spent outside this country can be used to judge one’s commitment to it.

Pointing to the above precedent, I again asked my reader if his letter could be posted here. And Mr. Sparrow, communications director for the Conservative Party of Canada, has now agreed. Full text after the jump.

Aaron, I noticed your post today attacking Doug Finley for being a Scottish immigrant. It is unfortunate that a reputable publication such as MacLeans is now lowering itself to posting partisan attacks on unelected political staff. Doug Finley is a Canadian citizen and has lived in Canada for over 40 years. Doug Finley is not running to be Prime Minister of Canada, Michael Ignatieff is. Michael Ignatieff wants to be Prime Minister and has not lived in Canada for over thirty years Canadians deserve to know the facts about him. I think you owe Doug an appology.

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