A short story from the stochastic web

Shopsins is a Manhattan restaurant known the world over for its enormous menu and its beloved but strict proprietor, Kenny Shopsin. You can view the menu online. [PDF] One of the sandwiches on the Shopsins menu is called “the Edmonton”. There is nothing especially Edmontonian about the ingredients; it’s got no bison meat or saskatoons in it or anything like that. As soon as I learned about “the Edmonton” I had the sudden sinking feeling I would die never knowing why a tuna-and-avocado sandwich on garlic bread would be called that. Fortunately it is 2010 and the sandwich is in Kenny Shopsin’s book. It is named in honour of a Shopsins customer, Alan Bleviss, who is also a familiar voiceover artist and one of the leading collectors of Civil War tokens. In some ineffable way this all makes perfect, beautiful sense.