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A True Centrist Would Root For Kevin Phillips-Bong


Given how many people are embedding this video tonight, what with the real British elections and all, I’d probably get a special prize or something if I had enough restraint to avoid bringing it back. But I have no restraint. So here it is again.

One thing I didn’t notice the first time I watched it is that the Very Silly Candidate really did make the difference in the Harpenden results. If it hadn’t been for his (its?) two votes, the Silly Party would have won. I guess that’s a cautionary point about voting for third parties that are almost identical to, but sillier than, one of the major parties. Or it could just be silly.

Actually, my favourite Python take on hysterical talking-head coverage on TV news is not from that sketch, but this one. “”This column represents 23% of the population, this column represents 28% of the population, and this column represents 43% of the population!

I haven’t seen anyone foam at the mouth and fall over backwards yet, but then I’m not watching all the coverage.

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