A Very Tex Avery Christmas

There have been a few Christmas cartoons that portrayed the holiday as a violent time where everyone acts the way they do all year. The most famous is Tweety in “Gift Wrapped” (where Granny asks Sylvester to kiss Tweety under the mistletoe, and he does what he always does when told to “kiss the little birdie”). Here’s another one, by the master himself, Tex Avery: a wolf uses the Christmas season as an excuse to get some easy food, and an obnoxious kid — based on Red Skelton’s “Mean Wittle Kid” radio character, who also was an inspiration for Tweety — uses this as an excuse to commit mayhem and wink at the audience. The wolf’s voice is also radio-inspired; it’s an imitation of The Great Gildersleeve from Fibber McGee and Molly.

Note also that the ma and pa pig sleep together in a double bed, something that was forbidden in live-action movies at the time. Tex Avery got away with a lot.


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