About those tapes

Michael Ignatieff’s scrummed response to the Prime Minister’s statement during QP, directed at the opposition leader, about “all the tapes I have on him.”

Question: Mr. Harper said he has tapes on you.

Michael Ignatieff: Yes, that’s the other thing. He said, he said in the House that he had tapes on me. That is the most Nixonian of Mr. Harper’s many remarks. Every day that goes by, he’s more like Richard Nixon. We are in the middle of the most serious crisis, economic crisis since the second world war and the Prime Minister of Canada is wasting his time listening to tapes of me. And then, not content with that, he says it in the House of Commons so he’ll intimidate me. I will not be intimidated by the Prime Minister. I’ve got a job to do which is to hold him to account. The public finances of our country are in free fall and he’s wasting time with tapes of me? It’s a joke.

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