All Television Is Local?

My main thought on the “Save Local TV” campaign is this: it’s making me nostalgic for the time when the endlessly-repeated commercial on CTV-owned stations was the Discovery Channel’s “boom-di-yadda” song. (Speaking of endlessly-repeated commercials: for God’s sake, somebody make the Comedy Network stop repeating their “Upload Yours!” promo several times every day. I’ve nearly memorized the thing. “Got a treasure box of comic gold…”) Apart from that, here’s a round-up of links from bloggers and columnists commenting on the campaign and the state of local television in Canada:

– Denis McGrath: “Localize Pain, Nobody’s Gain”

– Will Dixon: “What Are We Saving, Exactly?”

– Jim Henshaw: “Weaving the Tangled Web”

– John Doyle: “Stop the Silliness”

– Bill Brioux: “What am I saving again — the right for rich guys to simulcast Lost?”

Finally, let’s not forget what local news programming is all about.