And now the moment you've not really been waiting for -

And now the moment you’ve not really been waiting for

Your thoughts on the Throne speech?


The Speech from the Throne in 2006 was 2400 words. The Speech from the Throne in 2008 was 4100 words. This afternoon’s edition is touted as exceeding 6000 words. It is expected to take the Governor General somewhere between an hour and four days to deliver. So, if you’re watching at home, get comfortable and make sure you have a supply of non-perishable food stuffs and fresh water nearby.

I’m off to the Senate gallery to watch, eventually lose interest and ultimately pass much of the time doodling in my moleskine.

The text of the speech will likely be posted here at some point around 2:30. Use the comment thread to discuss your favourite parts. I’ll be back later.