Another royal engagement, a Diana conspiracy doc is pulled and a princely apology -

Another royal engagement, a Diana conspiracy doc is pulled and a princely apology


Prince William at the Order of the Garter Service (Paul Edwards/Reuters)

For the second time in a month, Prince William wore a set of robes, complete with plumed hat, that wouldn’t look out of place at Hogwarts. In June, it was for the Order of the Garter ceremony at Windsor. On Wednesday it was for the oldest order of chivalry in Scotland, the Order of the Thistle. While William—known as the earl of Strathearn in Scotland— looked marginally more comfortable than he did at Windsor, Kate looked totally boring in a rather ugly yellow coat dress by Emilia Wickstead. It was so plain that its flaws were painfully obvious, including a too-high collar, a front placket that gaped ever so slightly and a waistband seam that wasn’t stiffened, causing it to pull up on the sides. Given that designer’s clothes usually sell for $1,000+, all I can say is, “Refund!”  Adding to the mess was a taupe hat and brown shoes. She should have taken cues from the spiffy outfits of the Queen’s bodyguard in Scotland, the Royal Company of Archers. (And no, I didn’t think much of Kate’s pink Wickstead dress, for exactly the same reasons.)

Unlawful Killing, a documentary paid for by Mohamad Fayed, who has consistently blamed the deaths of his son Dodi and Diana, princess of Wales, on a royal conspiracy, isn’t going to air in Britain. The Sun reports: “the film had to be ditched after it failed to secure insurance to protect distributors against legal action. Lawyers had warned there are 87 contentious allegations that would have to be cut before a British screening and although there were plans to release it in the US in August to coincide with the 15th anniversary of the deaths, the insurance was needed to protect the European offices of the distributors.”

The duchess of Cambridge at the Order of the Thistle service (David Moir/Reuters)

In other words, it can’t be shown because it’s so full of Fayed’s wacky allegations (all debunked at the most extensive coroners inquiry in British history) that the producers could be sued from one end of Britain to the other.  Still not convinced? Read this scathing Hollywood Reporter review, which suggested “if the Monty Python troupe ever wanted to lampoon conspiracy-theory filmmakers, it would be hard to top this one,” from when it premiered last year at Cannes.

And the nice act of the week goes to Prince Edward, who apologized to a couple ordered to move from their prime spot at the HMS Plymouth’s sailpast at Plymouth so Prime Minister David Cameron could get a primo view. Peter and Margaret Cox’s grandson was on the ship, so they got there early to secure a good spot. Too good, it turns. out. The position was wanted for Cameron and other dignitaries including the Queen’s son, Prince Edward. As Peter Cox told the Telegraph: “The police asked us to shift and I said ‘I’m not going to.’ He said ‘David Cameron is going there’ and I said, ‘I don’t care about David Cameron.’ I wanted to see HMS Argyll, and we were comfy. But we eventually compromised and sat on the end bench.” After the sailpast, Prince Edward told them: “You didn’t have to move. I’m sorry about that. For some strange reason they’ve decided that you were in the wrong place. It wasn’t your fault.”

Also yet another royal wedding of a teeny, tiny European country is in the offing. Weeks after the heir to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg announced his engagement, the second-in-line to the Monaco throne revealed that he’s also tying the knot. Andrea Casiraghi, son of Princess Caroline, is to wed his longtime girlfriend Tatiana Santo Domingo, a Colombian heiress. While the Luxembourg wedding will take place this October, rumours date the Monaco nuptials to 2013.

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