Apropos of nothing (IV)

So we’ve touched on Doug Finley’s life outside Canada, the variety of Conservative MPs who’ve spent time beyond on our borders, the formative years of our most well-travelled prime minister, and the details of what Michael Ignatieff did with those 34 years. And we’ve clarified that no citizen should have his or her commitment to this country questioned on the primary basis of time spent living or working abroad.

Some questions for further discussion.

If the issue is quantity—as the Conservative campaign suggests—of time spent outside Canada, what amount of time is unacceptable? What amount of time would indicate a disqualifying disconnect with the country? Five years? 10 years? 20 years? 30 years? 

If the issue is quality—as some readers here have subsequently suggested—of time spent outside Canada, what are acceptable avenues for a prospective Prime Minister to have pursued beyond our borders? What about Michael Ignatieff’s chosen work reflects poorly on him?

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