Asbestos: still possibly the most fascinating political issue of our time

As previously discussed here and here, asbestos, and Canada’s exporting thereof, is possibly the single greatest test of political leadership this country currently has to offer. And despite having struggled mightily with it at first, Michael Ignatieff is still attempting to find an answer.

From the Montreal GazetteIn response to a question from the audience regarding the asbestos industry, which has employed hundreds in the region for generations, Ignatieff said science has shown it is a harmful product and Canada should not be exporting it, but other work will have to be found for local workers if production is halted.

And from the Sherbrooke RecordIgnatieff reiterated his opposition to Canada’s asbestos industry, fully aware of its importance in the region. “I know how important asbestos is to the region around Thetford Mines and I’m aware of the hardship involved,” he said, “but the science is telling us that its is dangerous and we have to follow the science. I don’t think we should be exporting dangerous substances.”