Ba-Boom! (Is What Jimmy Fallon Should Say) -

Ba-Boom! (Is What Jimmy Fallon Should Say)


Seriously, if Jimmy Fallon just turns his whole show over to reuniting the casts of NBC Saturday morning sitcoms, it’ll be must-viewing every night. Tonight he’s following up his Saved By the Bell crusade by reuniting the cast of California Dreams, a show from the same producer (Peter Engel) that was essentially the same show except they lived near the beach and were in a band and played original songs in every episode. Well, they had a band on Saved By the Bell, too, but not in every episode. (“Ba Boom” was the show’s only memorable catchprase. And it’s not that memorable.)

Here’s the theme song, proclaiming that they are “surf dudes with attitude” (both parts of that statement are false). What other Peter Engel shows should Jimmy Fallon reunite? I’m thinking City Guys.

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