Brian Topp says thanks -

Brian Topp says thanks


Mr. Topp has sent a note to supporters.

National campaigns are always intense experiences — but they usually last for seven weeks or so. And then we go whew! that was quite a ride. This seven month marathon was of an entirely different magnitude. And so, it was a unique opportunity to see our country, to get to know our party in its deepest grass roots, to get to know my colleagues in the race, and to renew and make friendships I will treasure for the rest of my life.

This really is a remarkable country. It’s an ocean of land. It is an archipelago of communities. And it is something more — a country of citizens who share some powerful communitarian values and principles that our current government does not understand. Canadians are looking for something better. That’s going to be us.

Contained therein: a rather profound compliment to Nathan Cullen.