Brief South Park Update

Just a quick update: the version of South Park episode # 201 currently airing on the Comedy Network is (as expected) the same as the one that aired on Comedy Central, with the same bleeps, including bleeps of four-letter words. For the last couple of years TCN has aired the unbleeped versions of most South Park episodes (though with some odd exceptions, like the f-words in the whale/dolphin episode), but Comedy Central has not made any unbleeped version of this episode available yet.

There still continues to be surprising silence about the controversy from the network (which has said nothing except to confirm that it was responsible for the bleeps) and even Parker and Stone, who haven’t made any statements since the one they released the day after the episode aired. Since there’s no ban on talking about it at the network — Jon Stewart did a whole segment on it — I wonder what exactly is behind this, or if any of it will be addressed in the next episode.

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